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Partners: Our Classes

“YSS + Athletic Club of Ames = IMPACT. From my first conversation with the team, they were ALL IN. We’re so grateful for our partnership with ACA as it is huge for our organization. Days at the gym with their staff, are some of the best days for YSS kids and have created a huge boost in confidence!”  

Andrew Allen President, CEO, and ’95 Alumnus of YSS


“We are excited to have a new location inside the Athletic Club who shares a similar vision and mission to
provide a multi-dimensional wellness environment for active people wanting to live and move without
limitations or pain.”, says Dr. Megan Burt, Physical Therapist and co-owner of Home Team.

We are partnering with local organizations in the community

Interested in being a partner? We are passionate about collaborating to better our community. Reach out and tell us about yourself and/or your organization, and your mission. We even have space available for lease.

Thanks for submitting!

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